Latest News

We have a newly installed Executive Council (EC)! Please welcome the following EC members for the new program year:

  • President: Jessica Colaneri
  • President Elect: Vacant
  • Executive Vice President: Albert Rinaldi
  • Secretary: Margaret Heyrich
  • Treasurer: Sarah Gyiraszi
  • Vice President of Professional Development: Gherin Fracasso
  • Vice President Programs: Norman Davis
  • Chairpersons By-Laws: Katherine Conklin
  • Communications: Peter Gerhard
  • Historian/Bulletin Board/Photographer: Jessica Gondela
  • Membership: Louisa Melendez
  • Nominations/Elections/Awards: Morgan Ziatyk
  • Program Support: Vacant
  • Scholarship: Patricia (Trish) Kleiman
  • Small Business Symposium: Norman Bonano
  • Social Media: Yolie Davila
  • Special Events: Steven Piggott
  • Website: Nick Glazewski

We are also still looking for volunteers for the President Elect Officer position and the Program Support Chairperson Position. If you are interested, please contact Louisa Melendez.